Simon Says

Simon Hill’s most iconic calls

We recently teamed up with Simon Hill — the Voice of Australian Football — to create an exclusive set of designs that celebrate Simon’s most iconic calls (and let’s be honest, he’s had a few). We’ve dubbed it the ‘Simon Says’ collection and it’s available now in both our Strip Tees Shop and Redbubble stores.

The ‘Simon Says’ collection



The story behind each artwork

Along with everything you see above, we have also have a lot more products such as masks, prints, kids clothes and shower curtains (yes, shower curtains) at our Redbubble store.

Raising awareness for John Moriarty Football

Simon Hill and Strip Tees have also created an exclusive line of merchandise that commemorates the Socceroo’s first ever win at a World Cup in 2006. All proceeds from this line are being donated to John Moriarty Football.