Our story

We started Strip Tees back in 2018 after being frustrated about the lack of local football merch. Outside of all the official stuff, the choice was either cheap knock-offs or dodgy designs. We wanted something different. Something cool that not only told a story about Australian football but looked good enough to wear to the game AND the party afterwards. So instead of settling for something mediocre, we simply designed our own.

Since then, we've been sharing our passion for football and design with fellow football fans in Australia and around the world. We've also popped up on TV in Australia and North America. The coolest part of our job though is being to collaborate with bonafide football icons such as Simon Hill.

Making the invisible game visible

To paraphrase the great Sokkah Scholar Ian Syson, despite our game being played more than any other, we're still considered the 'invisible game'. No media support. No political clout. No stories, stadia or statues. No heroes, no history and no culture. In fact, looking around you'd be hard-pressed to know we even existed. Yet, no other game truly reflects our country at its best than football. The passion. The diversity. The excitement. The way our game embraces everyone from the oldest Australians like John Moriarty and Charlie Perkins, to the millions of newcomers who now call Australia home.

At Strip Tees, our mission is to bring those moments of passion to life and help play a role in making football culture more visible.

Having said that, our aim isn't to replace all the official stuff. On the contrary, we encourage everyone to buy as many legit jerseys as possible. Instead, we see our designs as a natural extension of the fan tifos you see around the grounds. That’s why we call our work ‘fan art’. And let’s be honest, football in this country needs all the positive ‘fanning' it can get.

What makes us different?

  • Independent

    We’re 100% independent, which means our designs aren’t limited to what might sell en masse at your local mall. This gives us the freedom to shine a light on some of our game’s unsung heroes — along with a few well-known superstars — no matter their gender, race or sexuality to help spread the word of our great game. Oh, and as you might have guessed from our name, we don’t mind having a bit of fun too…

  • Value

    To keep our costs down, we use the latest digital print-on-demand technology — with all profits going directly to our artists. We’re also committed to minimising our environmental impact, so we only use ethically-sourced materials that are CPSIA compliant. 

  • Community

    Lastly, we often donate our designs to help charities we believe in — such as our recent collaboration with Simon Hill, where all proceeds are being donated to Moriarty Foundation. In the past, we’ve also raised money for the Reagan Milstein Foundation and DT38 via the Sokkah Aid initiative. So if you have a good cause, feel free to drop us a line here.

About our artists

We’re lucky to have some of the brightest minds in Australia working with us — and that’s not just us being big-headed. As a collective, they’ve picked up almost as many awards as Sam Kerr. In fact, you've probably stumbled across their designs from their day jobs where they create work for some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world. The one thing they have in common though is a love for football AND design. That’s why if you dropped by our studio you’d hear us reference Rodchenko just as much as Ronaldo.