What is print on demand?

Unlike other t-shirt shops that store their products in warehouses, all of our designs are made AFTER you order them. This helps us keep our prices down as don't need to pay any extra logistics fees or warehouse storage costs. So while it might take a little longer to make, print on demand delivers the same great results as other printers but at a great price for you.

Where do we print?

Most of our stuff is printed in Australia. Not only this better for the planet, it's better for you too as our production times in Australia are much faster. There are some products though that aren't available in Australia, so we print them in either the USA or China. We clearly label where each product is made, so please double check each product description before you purchase. 

You can see all of our products printed in Australia here.

Printed in Australia

About our printers

Our print partner uses Brother GTX printers which employ the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) print technology. All of our ink is eco-friendly too.

Our mugs are printed using a sublimation method, while all our hats and beanies are embroidered